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My new sewing machine

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

My trusty old sewing machine is showing its age, so I got a shiny new Toyota Oekaki quilting machine. Here's what's in the box!

Toyota Oekaki Renaissance

So my trusty old Bernina machine that is nearly as old as I am has started having problems, and despite regular servicing she really doesn't enjoy sewing much anymore, however, I love it so started looking around for a new machine to take some of the strain (I won't say 'replace' because she isn't going anywhere!)

After lots of searching I decided on the Toyota Oekaki and waited with baited breath for her arrival, and I wasn't disappointed. She is beautiful - check her out!

Oekaki means 'to draw' and this beauty is a specialist at machine freehand embroidery - put on the embroidery foot, press the Oekaki button and let your imagination take flight - ok, some practice will be needed before my work resembles something other than a toddler's frantic scribbling, but hopefully I'll get there. When using the Oekaki function you control the width of the stitches by the pressure you put on the foot pedal - clever huh?

But beyond all that fancy stuff this machine is fantastic for any type of normal sewing - there are plenty of stitches to choose from, and it can handle everything from silk to heavy weight denim and beyond.

There are lots of colours to choose from, but I love all things teal and turquoise and fell in love. The design is so carefully throughout out - from the drop in bobbin and needle threader, to the perfectly placed thread cutter and large, curved, ergonomically designed base she's a really stunner. The deal I managed to get from The British Sewing Company included the extension table which normal retails at £49.99

Extension table, foot control and lead

One thing I love about the extension table is that each leg is adjustable so if your table is slightly uneven (as you can see if the photos mine is very old and as like the foothills of the Himalayas!) you can adjust it so that it sits perfectly even and level with the machine - big win!

Also included were a selection of presser feet and guides including the quilting feet

The base opens to reveal a storage compartment - very handy - and contains spare spools, button hole foot, unpicker, needles in different sizes and various other bits and bobs and lets you store the spare feet and any other bits you'd like to safely away.

I hope to get a lot of use out of my lovely machine and will be sharing it all with you here and on my Instagram page - follow me at @amandaw_69

'Til next time xxxx

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