About Me

Hello and welcome to my crazy life. 

Before I could read or write my Nanna taught me how to knit and soon after taught me how to sew - she gave up on teaching me to crochet as I could never produce anything more exciting than a triangle now matter how patient she was, but I taught myself later on with the help of You Tube and huge quantities of blood, sweat and tears (and a nasty case of norovirus that left me with nothing to do than practice!)

A couple of years back I hit a very hard time in my life, everything, my home, my career, my mind, simply fell apart and it was only through the love and support of my family, and crafting, that I managed to find a way through.  I was diagnosed with severe depression and rapid cycling bipolar and during that time I found the incredible healing power of crafting - it saved me, it gave me something to soothe my addled mind and brought a whole new dimension to my life. Over the years of study (I was a history lecturer) I'd let go of what I really loved which was making things, learning new skill and actually enjoying myself.  I realised that if it could do it for me it could do it for others - and so here I am hoping in some small way to pay it forward :-) 

Last year, still rather, lets say unstable, I decided to revamp my lifestyle and embraced a plant based (some call it vegan) diet and it completely rocked my world - I've never felt healthier, happier and more in control. I've been so inspired by so many wonderful sites on the glorious web and wanted to share some of my favourite recipes, my disasters and successes and also the amazing range of new foods and lifestyle products out there right now. 

I do hope you'll enjoy joining me in my madcap adventures. There'll be fun, laughter, tears (no doubt) fibre crafts, sewing, spinning, weaving and even some woodwork - I really do love making stuff!   Please do join my mailing list to get behind the scenes stuff, gossip and heads up on new posts. 

Love to you all, Amanda xxxx

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